A World of Modest & Elegant Fashion: Qui Prive

As Life is Style, we are honored to welcome brands like Qui Prive that are pioneering new domains in the fashion industry, champion women founders, and embrace the power and modernity of contemporary fashion. The QUI Privé brand has emerged with the idea that modern, strong, and self-confident women can have a stylish, unapologetic, and noticeable style. 


As a novel, modest, and modernized brand that champions putting an end to the classic and cliché style of women, societally being imposed on those who wear more conservative closed-off clothes, Qui Prive takes pride in filling the gaps in the fashion industry. They are ambitiously leading the way to combat the lack of modern design and approaches fully understanding women and their powerful position in society. 


The founders embrace strong and effective details in QUI Privé designs as the most important feature that distinguishes this brand from others. The brand DNA can be described as “daily couture”, supporting a structure where women showcasing this brand can transform daily elegance into nighttime elegance with small touches.

 The brand story highlights that women want to be noticed and to be talked about with their clothing styles. In this way, QUI Privé is an innovative brand that can achieve this with its unique design approach, creative outlook, and modern vision. In its collections, dark colors represent the power of the women championing the brand, as well as soothing and harmonious touches with light colors. The QUI Privé women are thought to be quite feminine and noticeably strong in social life. 


Meet the Qui Prive Founders’ Story in their Own Words


QUI Prive is an extreme design-focused brand that was born in Istanbul; one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and a fashion capital for generations. 


The cosmopolitan crowds in Istanbul inspire the brand in an extremely comprehensive manner; through this artistic muse, QUI Prive creates designs with the idea of comforting all women embracing their diversities and differences. Our diversity is what makes us stronger; that is what QUI Prive women are all about. 


Qui Prive offers a luxurious yet accessible, modest, casual couture and style with a modern edge. In this way, the brand re-interprets contemporary trends and harmonizes them with the classic. They aspire to create strong and daring looks, unique details, and elegant modernity as key defining factors for QUI Prive collections. 


Their 2022 collection brings the most romantic details with the most modern and strongest looks. Natural colors meet bright colors on high-quality fabrics, bringing together QUI Prive women with extraordinary craftsmanship. Their motto “Woman is woman, the woman is you. QUI Prive is for you!” is the perfect example of how they reassert the power of women through their design and craftsmanship in a modest fashion. 

Being Modern in Fashion: What Does it Mean? 


“Modern”: it’s quite possibly the most generally utilized and mishandled adjective, expanded to the purpose of becoming drained of importance. At the point when somebody says you are so modern, it should mean relevant to now. Practically sudden and somewhat cutting edge could be a meaning you can derive. Craftsmanship history does its equity in isolating the cutting edge time frame from the contemporary, placing in the subsequent period living specialists at work today. 


Possibly the design and fashion world ought to likewise utilize the very phrasing and say that an assortment is contemporary. To say it’s cutting edge doesn’t mean anything. It resembles when you say it’s “decent”. What does it mean? Pretty, fair, not good or bad? It doesn’t put a breaking point to excellence. 


A recent show from Prada was coined as contemporary and delightful. It wasn’t only an assortment. It was a suggestion for ladies with shapes, textures, and shadings. It shows that there is consistently room in the design for new things. To consistently think back doesn’t help anybody, particularly in design. 


Sentimentality is an unpleasant and dismal feeling for the world of fashion. The style ought to be enrapturing, bubbly, and animating. Modern fashion models resemble drawings, amazing hair, hats, wonderful make-up, boots in various materials, an optical illusion impact, and shoes with clasps. A hued reptile for jackets, counterfeit hides, embellishments on the dresses and necklines, enormous sequins in hued plastic with pink and red blends, or orange, light blue, and brown are items that can be found among fashion podiums. From pale colors, to mathematical prints with splendid tones like green, red, or orange, the world of fashion knows no boundaries. 


It’s difficult to express when looking at an assortment to say what represents modern and current. In any case, for this situation, one would have to take a look and digest how different brands approach it. 


A brand can acquire perfect lines and intelligence coordinated with a grave tastefulness. You can be lost among excellent coats, amazing cuts, subtleties that broke free with the exemplary lines. Its fundamental state of mind shouldn’t flop once on account of amazing textures and cuts. 


A stylist’s review from a fashion show analyzed countless brands in the search of modernity. Her initial review of Ermanno Scervino stated that the brand joined white with dim, camel, and beige for coats and weaves, an absolute necessity. A true women’s assortment was the way in which she identified this approach to modern design: delightful dresses in bare and dark, exceptionally “ladylike”.

She continued her search for modernity in the Fendi fashion show; she found Fendi’s assortment specific, particularly in the cuts, textures, and shadings, beginning with the yellow and cyclamen socks. In the event that the shades were extremely brilliant, dresses, coats, coats, skirts, and tops had exceptionally restrained tones, vintage-looking, however contemporary and exquisite. Not like whatever else and difficult to duplicate on account of the cuts, hemlines, hides blended in with garments like embellishments put all over nonchalantly. The best thing about the assortment in her opinion: everything looked easygoing, not too stylish or overly classy, yet exceptionally refined. 


Her final review explores D&G’s show as a very road-style, unexpected approach, in light of lettering and shading. The whole assortment is a round of letters imprinted on yellow, orange, hot pink, or combined as one, joined with heavier garments in tweed, or material, similar to manly curiously large coats, greater coats, jacquard of letters, long dresses with letters all over on white, similar to a real game. Every one of the shadings, similar to a pastel box, fluffy skirts with shirts was found to be fun and elevating.


These reviews, all coming together, outline one existential truth. Modern fashion is not a singular concept, but a constantly evolving, fluid, and ever changing phenomenon. One cannot out contemporary fashion into one box, but should embrace all that come with it in line with expression of generational trends, colors, shades, textures, and more. That is what Qui Prive has set out to do: embrace modern fashion for modern women. 

Modern Women: Asserting Power through Fashion 


For young women, finding your place and heading on the planet might feel extreme and slippery, as well as tedious. Individuals around us might authorize the possibility that shortcoming and compassion is an indication of flimsiness. For women, it is a constant battle for perfection, constantly being introduced to battles and confrontations. However, one of the most powerful ways in which women choose to battle these coined status for them, is to be unapologetically themselves. Delicateness and femininity has long been asserted as a negative attribute or a shortcoming. Modern fashion says no more. It calls for embracing femininity and delicacy as powerful traits that women have. 


In similar regards, design can enable women; a medium that has been formed and changed over the long haul because of social changes yet additionally chronicled and the always present social changes that are still, and will continue evolving. Perhaps neglected in the regards of profoundly scholastic people; the psychology behind fashion is fairly entrancing. What we wear and who created it can mean a lot for us as people; how our activities can be affected because of whether one feels sure about the thing they’re wearing. Style is something other than a dress. It images strengthening. 


Women can regularly see themselves experience scrutiny under layers of attire that say nothing regarding what their identity is – just a calling or a front that is acknowledged in the general public we live in. Many artists and designers investigate the limits set on ladies’ lives and bodies. Addressing genuine women and their bodies and the manners by which garments have a heading on their lives, modern fashion is set to change the way. 


With the goal for women to feel enabled, freed by the style they need to have the impact that design can be anything you need it to be, and in that manner, create something to celebrate, one should celebrate such designers like Qui Prive. 


Women being sexualized in both the real world and in the media, is developing a culture in which women can feel unimaginably focused and pressured. Consistently in the media, influencers and famous figures are tracked down to investigate what they are wearing, and why, and thus fostering a culture in which ladies are objects to the male craving. 


With modern fashion, we can step away from this reality and assert power in articles of clothing. It is a type of strengthening wherein they can spruce up, permitting women to feel safe without the abuse of men or other intrinsic conduct apparently embedded in our society. In the very regard that women’s liberation and style are streams that run close by strengthening through design is indispensable to the movement of articulation. 


Women should ask themselves: Do you feel great about the thing you’re wearing? Is there anything you’re wearing for another person’s advantage over your own? Would you be able to work as well as could be expected in the thing you’re wearing in terms of comfortable garments and more? Do you feel engaged on the chance that somebody judges what you’re wearing upward and down? 


It is time we wear our outfits with certainty and no need for an intrinsic need of reassurance. It is likewise through the making of fashion articles that empower women that we can enable ladies and their lives. It is through this cycle that women can be enabled and have the offices to work on their lives and simply shows that design strengthening is a lot further than just pleasantries. The design and the style business have the ability to completely change people and really have a beneficial outcome to our psychology as well as to our actual prosperity too. We pick style since it gives us a feeling of strengthening, certainty, and freedom. Allow style to engage you and let it show how ladylike you are, let your supposed shortcomings enable you. 

The Social Psychology Behind the Dress: Fashion and Identity


Much research has focused on the connection between the social psychology behind “the dress” and the correlation between fashion and identity. Here, we explore the findings from a collective research conducted on the issue. The reason for this initial exploration was to give a basic survey of key examination regions inside the social science research of “the dress”. The survey tends to distribute exploration in two expansive regions:  dress as an improvement and its impact on  attributions by others, attributions about self, and on one’s conduct, and secondly connections between dress, the body, and oneself. The research evidently distinguish hypothetical methodologies utilized in leading examination there, give a curtailed foundation of exploration featuring key discoveries, and recognize future exploration bearings and potential outcomes.


The topic highlights creating several subject groups and correlations inside the social science research of “the dress”. A couple of social researchers in the nineteenth Century concentrated on the dress as identified with culture, people, and gatherings of people, however, it was not until the middle of the twentieth Century that home financial specialists started to seek an insightful premium in sociology parts of dress . Dress is characterized as “a gathering of changes of the body as well as enhancements to the body”. Body alterations incorporate corrective use, suntanning, puncturing, inking, counting calories, working out, and restorative medical procedure among others. Body supplements incorporate, yet are not restricted to, adornments, clothing, portable hearing assistants, and glasses. By the 1950s sociology speculations from financial matters, brain research, social brain research, and social science were being utilized to concentrate on the dress and human conduct. 


A scope of points may be incorporated under the expression social brain science of dress yet the research uses it to allude to that endeavors to respond to questions worried about how a singular’s dress-related convictions, mentalities, discernments, sentiments, and practices are formed by others and one’s self. The social psychology science of dress is worried about what an individual person’s dress means for the conduct of self just as the conduct of others toward oneself.


Among a few points that could be remembered for a basic audit of exploration tending to the social psychology science of dress, the research zeroed in on the work on a survey of distributed examination in two expansive regions. These include dress as a boost and its effect on attributions by others, attributions about self, and on one’s own conduct, and secondly connections between dress, the body, and oneself. The paper’s objective was to distinguish hypothetical methodologies utilized in leading exploration here, give an abridged foundation of examination here featuring key discoveries, and recognize future exploration bearings and conceivable outcomes. 


The overall research found that the impact of “the dress” was extremely profound for anyone, especially the women that are wearing it. While this power of a single piece of clothing changes from person to person, and environmental structure and setting, the summary of the paper distinguishes the dress as an article of tremendous social importance. In almost all settings, what we wear closely correlates with our behavior and social expression. The way we determine our social identity and presence in a setting, how we manifest our social psychology and status, is closely tied to our way of expression in clothing. 

Clothing as a Form of Expression


Our closet decisions reveal a lot about us and that we can handle the messages we leave behind through careful rehearsal work. In general, it may not be a combative subject as others see you. In any case, there are many events in which having a selected message through your closet is usually really valuable. At the destination, when others discover it, they immediately present their impressions of the encounter in a fascinating way, especially thanks to the clothes you are wearing. In the event that you simply use a relentless gauze method, these controls will be greatly improved. 


Imagine a setting in which you casually pick clothes out of your closet to go to the grocery store.  These outfits are unlikely to give you a true picture of yourself. Of course, there may be days when you put on that first garment,  rings and jewelry to visit the store itself. Those clothing options you visit probably don’t really reflect your identity, but why is it important under these conditions? Under certain conditions, the normal explanation wins, and every now and then it should … Even if your clothing decisions are always full of reasons, it says something about you, too! 


The clothes you wear regularly can reveal a lot about your inspiration and passion, the types of work you do, your desires, and even your money management strategies. In case you’re constantly dripping with designer logos, this could give you some control over whether it should be seen as an elevated sense of self. However, it is possible to deliver this in many other forms. There is nothing wrong with wearing a popular brand logo, but when each garment or adornment clearly highlights that brand, it feels like you are making an effort to be seen in a very specific way. That is why modern fashion designers move away from overbearing logos, and find elegance in understated forms. 


The individual style works best when it appears simple: when you seem to recognize what is critical to you when you take a critical look at what the great fashion brands call current and modern. Simplicity does not have to mean minimal effort. Indeed, one can find that simplicity can elevate your approach to fashion. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. 


Those words couldn’t be all the more evident. Design can absolutely be fun and cause a ruckus; which is sometimes essential by utilizing a portion of the present and modern patterns. Still when addressing numerous women during our contemporary time about style, an enduring force has become straightforwardness and limited polish. 


Women traditionally have had no issue putting away their well deserved cash on pieces that endure over the extreme long haul such as jackets, white shirts, raincoat, dark siphons/pads, and so forth. Its unquestionable that some of narratives greatest design symbols utilized their exemplary looks for their potential benefit. But when searching for a contemporary understanding of fashion, look to the examples of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. These women exemplified the significance of exemplary style without remaining motherly or monotonous. Simplicity, yet elegance was an overarching theme. 


They realized how to remain current with looks that ladies of varying backgrounds could identify with even today. You’ve all heard the maxim ‘toning it down would be ideal’; for this situation we are not alluding to less apparel and provocation. It’s more with regards to a dress that you wear and not a dress that wears you. “Clothing that you feel yourself in”; that in itself is immortal and who would not like to dress like that. Fashionistas nowadays know what they need and realize what names or creators can give that moderate look. In your search for what represents you best, it is time you explore Qui Prive!

Discover Comfortable Elegance & Couture in Qui Prive Now


Now it’s your turn to discover the modest and elegant world of QUI Prive, adding color, fun, and elegance to your sense of fashion. You can shop for their new collections in various digital venues, including Ounass, Debenhams, as well as American stores such as Fame on Central and Miss Polka Dot.