Meet Megna Studio : Setting the New Design Standard for Bags

A Must-Have Tag Along for Today’s Busy Women Living Diverse and Dynamic Lifestyle

Imagining yourself living life on the fast track in a large metropolitan? Looking for an on-the-go, affordable, yet, high-quality tag-along that will be responsive to your ever-changing lifestyle? Say hello to Megna Studio, producing designer brand bags for every occasion, taking various shapes and forms. You can find Megna women using their bags as a professional accessory along with their smart attire, or a sporty finish to their casual outfit, or even a much-needed, up-lifting add-on to their beach outfit. Use it day to night, or as a perfect finish as you dress up or down. 

Life Is Style is a proud partner of Megna Studio as it prioritizes innovative brands that have been founded by women, supporting them in their contemporary, fast paced, and high impact lifestyles. Let’s discover Megna and the story behind it. 

The Story of Megna Studio: Design Meets Grace

Megna is a design studio that specializes in wonderfully crafted handbags. The story of the studio goes back to Istanbul, Turkey, a major melting pot for the fashion world. From shoulder bags to totes, beach bags to clutches, the collections blend daily practicality with timeless aesthetics. Working to craft optimal add-ons to contemporary women’s ever-evolving needs and desires, Megna specially crafts bags that are optimal for active urban use, as well as an add-on for all seasons. If you are looking for a perfect companion for leisurely escapes, you can trust the products in their reliable, high-quality materials they are made of. Indeed, the end-products are thoroughly inspired by their founder & designer Naz Yasun’s personal experiences.

Let’s meet Naz. An unexpected journey in 2019, after a decade in the advertising sector, Naz was ready to change gears and dive into something new. Deciding that it was time to solely focus on her creative potential, she immersed herself in researching and building prototypes of her all-time favorite accessory: the handbag. She confided in consistent mentorship from her aunt and went on to found Megna Studio, along with her supportive husband Kaan. 

The company is known to offer one of its key value propositions’ as attention to detail; the feature is prominently adhered to as a key characteristic of the brand. Naz, the founder, revisits early designs continuously to build upon her inspiration and find aspects to further improve. In the story of the brand, the company explores this by saying “This constant yearning for

improvement is in line with the brand’s overall vision: Modern, simple and elegant designs that become timeless classics through quality and adaptability.” 


More Than A Handbag: A Lifestyle

Imagine a typical customer of a fashion brand, constantly yearning to be greeted with a thorough display of handbags, coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Covid-19 has impacted many things in our daily lives, a primary one being the restrictions surrounding our leisurely visits to our favorite shopping mall or local store. Many women noticed how they cherished this shopping experience, not only as a necessity but as something that truly added to their daily experience and mental wellbeing. Accessories, especially the handbag grant for a channel where women can let their inner spirits reflect on their appearance. This also reflects a higher standard of living and a commitment to excellence and quality. 

Recently, many started adhering to quality handbags as an unattainable luxury. Countless world-renowned brands kept pulling up their prices in unfair competition to show who was the most “luxurious”. What many fail to recognize is that luxury and quality don’t necessarily have to align with the price tag. Indeed, a bag that women can use on their professional occasions and allow for a heightened sense of self and appearance does not have to cost more than 1000 dollars. 

Have you ever heard of Moissanites? They are eco-friendly and sustainable diamond alternatives that are also considered precious stones. This stone was discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan. These stones, while not diamonds, provide many additional benefits. First of all, they are produced in a severely ethical manner when compared to the brutal mining conditions of diamonds. Indeed, the history of diamond production has many concerns and ethical questions surrounding it. Given they are produced in laboratories, they have a smaller carbon footprint and have a minimal impact on the environment. Further, it is virtually impossible for someone to tell moissanite and diamonds apart at first glance. Finally, moissanite is significantly more affordable when compared to diamonds, increasing the accessibility of the stones and the prestige that comes with it. 

Diamonds are typically referred to as a must for any engagement occasion. But, displaying the size of diamond rings has become a severely unhealthy habit of newlyweds, stimulating negative feelings of social comparison. Wearing a precious stone should only be associated with feelings of elevation and positive spirit. The same goes for handbags. Younger generations are shying away from more and more from brand names and brand recognition patterns. Indeed, many actively choose to purchase high-quality accessories that are not associated with brands that were previously adhered to as the epitome of quality and fame. Designer alternatives that prioritize ecological and ethical standards, work towards a mission of granting accessibility to quality accessories, and stand for a positive social message are on the rise. That is where Megna Studios come in. 

The Istanbul-based design studio is known to have been created based on two primary principles. These are loving what you do and positive self-expression. In all of the items they create, you can see a passionate commitment to these principles. Their portfolio includes many accessories and objects from bags to ceramics, all of which reflect the epitome of self-identity and a delicate expression of design quality. Founder Naz Yasun Eryılmaz adheres to Megna Studio as not only a craftsman of an object but of lifestyles. Exploring new boundaries in culture, travel, art, and style, the company works to craft experiences for its customers through utilizing daily functionality and timeless aesthetics. The perfect blend of the two allows for Megna Studio products to reflect the hidden gems of the handbag industry, just like Moissanites. 


The Power of the Handbag: Quality and Prestige

Many store managers adhere to the handbag as a timeless item that will sustain sales through good times and bad times. It could be a high-profile go-to for a particularly bountiful sect of the society or a doubtless addition to a person’s deliberate gift to themselves or a loved one. Every new season, showrooms and catwalks burst with new designs by famous fashion houses, providing new avenues in design and detail. It could be reworked handles, lightness of the texture, innovations in the clasp, or a newfound prioritization of simplicity. Many brands are in the unending search for being the new “icon” bag, or the new it-girl in the industry. 


When looking at the history of the accessory, it is relatively new as compared to its counterparts. Indeed, it began to be preferred commonly in the early 20th century. Following society’s discovery of convenience and granting an additional avenue for the fashion statement, civilization began to attach modern women and men with the handbag. Handbags were known to reflect personal taste, as well as economic prosperity; moreover, some even refer to the item as an updated version of the childhood security blanket, serving as an additional comfort zone for modern people in urban settings, living fast-paced lives. 


Following the First World War, the handbag began to occupy an even more significant role in society. Many commonly started referring to the item as a symbol of women’s independence and heightened stature in society. Indeed, women’s emancipation brought a new era where women had rights to ownership of cash, bank accounts, property, cars… Early handbags were used to reflect their elevated power of owning valuable items, that they could flaunt in the shape of a fashionable clutch. Decades manifested varying shapes and sizes for handbags. Particularly, handbags began to grow in size, reflecting the extreme outsize fashion trend initiated by brands such as Loewe and Balenciaga. They became so influential in the market that they were even auctioned for thousands of dollars. Indeed, Hermes Birkin once broke a record, having been sold at 380 thousand dollars. 

Today, many women adhere to the handbag as a channel that supports their multi-tasking lifestyles in their high activity, fast-paced nature. Allowing for practicality and utility, the handbag is also the ultimate avenue to show off personal taste in fashion, as well as signaling economic prosperity. Even women who do not like to put too much effort and spend absurd amounts of money on clothing and fashion, tend to spend the most amount of money on standout handbags. That is because keeping it simple in the clothing, but having a handbag that also captures some attention is slowly becoming the new epitome of simplicity combined with a good understanding of fashion. 

Many fashion gurus are constantly amazed at how women are willing to commit significant sums of money for the handbag, while the functionality is seemingly “simple and straightforward”. But, a quick look into its history proves otherwise. Handbags make us feel good. 


Buying a Handbag: A Positive Experience

Picture yourself as you purchase a brand new handbag. You take it out of its cover and there it is bright and shiny in front of you, fully your own. It has no clutter in the bottom, that many of your overused bags tend to have to lie around and be forgotten. This is a new opportunity for you tı be efficient and organized. You quickly add your must-haves; perhaps your smartphone and headphones, your wallet, potentially car keys, and make-up bag… Now, this place is a brand new home for your beloved items and a new companion to your every trip. It is also an additional channel for you to convey your lifestyle and personality. Are you a free spirit on the go, just looking to spontaneously jump outside of the house for a quick bottomless brunch with your friends? Are you an organized professional that will always be on time no matter how late your morning subway was? Are you a summer romance that will simply take any opportunity to pay a visit to the beach for a day of tanning and beach volleyball? 

The bag industry has something to offer for everyone. Every woman is different, unique, and remarkable. The bags that accompany them should reflect that. What’s more, with a handbag that catches your attention, you can’t go wrong. It will never go out of style, it will never be too young or too old for you. It’s a timeless, seasonless, ageless item… 


Explore the Stellar Design Standard: Meet the Bags

The tone of the voice of the brand can only be noticed through a good understanding of the catalog. Take a look at these bags and try to explore the feelings that arise in you. 


Cora Shoulder Bag

“Cora Shoulder Bag is brought to you with a masculine style and maximum durability. With its open top and shoulder straps, it provides you the space that you need for everything from a change of clothes to your laptop. Cora is the must-have accessory of all seasons for a genderfluid wardrobe. It features a rubber logo tag on the front body, folded shoulder straps, an open-top, and an interior pocket.” Trying to fit a lot of things into your bag in your daily walk down, or even your grocery visit? Try it on. 

Cora Clutch

“This generous carry-all clutch can truly carry-all. Stow a wallet, keys, phone… Even your MacBook can fit comfortably. The color variety is just perfect for adding a little color to your wardrobe. You can wear it with pretty much anything. It features a rubber logo tag on the front body, wrist strap, a top zip fastening, and an interior pocket for your small items.” Stylish, yet comfortable, carry it along with you everywhere you go. 

Yoko Bag

“Your new it-bag is ready to cheer up your outfit with its fresh colors. Yoko Bag is perfectly sized for your everyday essentials, from a large phone to your wallet and lipstick. It features a detachable and adjustable strap so can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. If you are in the mood for carrying a clutch, you can simply detach the strap. The zipper closure on the top secures your belongings.” Cruising down the busy streets of a metropolitan? This bag is for you. 


“If big bags are your thing, this is the one. Designed in a masculine and straight silhouette, Trinity is expertly well made from natural leather and detailed with honeycomb polyester. Trinity features a sleek pocket on the front, combined with an embossed leather logo. The removable inside pouch keeps your belongings secure and organized. Remove the inner pouch to refresh your look. However you wear it, Trinity will make a statement about your taste.”

Alexa Shopper Bag

“Alexa Shopper Bag is made of durable mesh canvas and premium vegan leather. It provides plenty of storage with a practical and unisex style. It has an open interior to maximize the space and an inside sleeve pocket to keep small essentials organized. The leather paddings on the handles make it easier for carrying.”

Alexa Clutch

“The bigger, the better – Alexa Clutch provides plenty of storage with one main compartment. It is made of durable mesh canvas and premium vegan leather featuring a zip fastening and a wrist strap. This chic clutch bag is the perfect complement to highlight your style.”

Irene Shopper Tote


“Irena Shopper Tote is a perfect companion for your daily activities. Travel like a pro with its light-weighted and easy-to-clean material. The see-through mesh material and open-top help you find your things easily while you carry your small loads with this iconic bag.”

Grace Beach Bag

“Grace Beach Bag will make your days on the beach so much brighter. It has the perfect amount of detail with a single interior compartment and an inner file pocket. The open-top gives flexible space for storage while you can carry it easily with its double shoulder handles. It doesn’t hold a heavyweight; you can simply fold and pack it wherever you go.”

Why are Handbags So Powerful?


How did handbags become functional tools that reflect the personality, create an avenue for self-expression, persist as a timeless fashion accessory, and an ongoing symbol of status? Handbags convey something about a person that is so much more than taste. Nora Ephron once referred to her epiphany as “ your purse is, in some horrible way, you…” And, it’s absolutely true! Handbags truly reflect where one sees themselves in terms of many different circles, including social, fashion, and economic standards. It is, in many cases, the most visible fashion accessory we own, and supports us in functional, yet symbolic ways. You can find yourself in the world of luxury and glamour by reflecting your style in your handbag choice. 


Abraham Maslow once crafted our basic human needs under a pyramid called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It outlines that humans have five principal needs that culminate with our self-actualization. When we get our basic needs taken care of, we can then set out to achieve the highest sense of awareness, moral purpose, and creativity. While our basic survival and psychological needs involve items such as food, shelter, and air, we also need security and safety, as well as love and belonging. Many are surprised to see love and belonging as a basic necessity; this is a need to feel as if we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, such as our community, or family. 


That is where brands come in. People love being affiliated with brands that represent their social standing. When retailers connect with customers in these manners of status and social message, they are more likely to be winners in the industry. 


A more and more significant aspect of the bag is doubtless the functionality; while women prioritize having bags that are more manageable and easy to carry, they also associate the bag with their fashion status. It allows for women to look chic, trendy, through something they can actually use. It is doubtless an investment; one that many women are willing to make without a second thought. Finally, women buy for quality, rather than quantity. They want to make a purchase for maximum functionality in the long term. Some women even refer to handbags as a necessary item for fashion statements that help them get out of the door when they are hesitant. 


Megna: Self Expression and Loving What You Do


There is a reason that Megna capitalizes on two of its foundational principles in every single bag they create. They indeed want to contribute to giving women an avenue for maximum self-expression. Further, they love what they do as they have the potential to set the new standard in handbag design, and grant women access to quality and highly functional bags that accompany their busy and ever-changing lifestyles. Naz’s explorative identity stems from her love of experimenting with different ecosystems, diving into new forms of art, culture, and style. It takes a lot to create collections that collectively reflect timeless aesthetics. 


The company has also extended to novel forms of accessories and items that include ceramics. Their tableware sets are, indeed, designed with a lot of simple functionality prioritized. Their composure from durable clay and their natural shapes and colors allow for them to blend in style no matter what time or occasion. The use of a harmonious color palette allows for optimum mixing and matching and creates opportunities to create unique sets of tableware. 


One of the primary sources of quality at Megna Studio is how it is a joyful family studio that reflects generations of craftsmanship and experience. Being traditionally rooted, but unapologetically modern also reflects on the bags that the studio creates. While looking hip, they are crafted with significant attention to detail and maximum functionality. These values are things that come from the family. 


As the studio keeps growing its product range, they make sure to never compromise their boutique style and adherence to the highest quality standards. They believe that less is always more. Whether you are looking for daily life objects that intimately define who you are, or are looking for a perfect gift, it is time you take a look at this collection. Share the passion, explore the ever-changing collection, and find the item that best reflects you. 


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