Meet Mon Reve: A Dream Realized 

In support of women accomplishing their dreams in the fashion industry, Life is Style is proud to have partnered with Mon Rêve, a jewelry brand that gives an interesting viewpoint on the design of gems in fashion. Each piece is created in restricted amounts to keep the brand new and cutting edge. The brand dispatches new items twice every month and keeps on driving recent fads with imaginative item portfolios to help customers across the world celebrate themselves. 


Having received her education from the London School of Fashion, the originator of the brand Betina Demisulam dispatched Mon Reve in 2004 in a little studio in the extravagance and design area of Nisantasi in Istanbul. From the beginning phases, her beguiling embellishments have been perceived by Turkey’s driving style editors and creators. She worked together with Dilek Hanif, A​​46, and Tuvanam to supplement their assortment with the brilliant and lively style of Mon Rêve. 


In addition to her goal of turning Mon Reve pieces into a phenomenal masterpiece, Betina additionally trusts that her image can rouse images of power for women as an additional avenue of articulation. ladies’ fearlessness and opportunity of articulation. Betina believes that each Mon Reve piece has the capacity to make a firm statement without trying too hard. 


In 2011, the fashioner’s sister, Raika, joined the organization as the advertising chief. A Boston University former student, she brought her business mastery to Mon Reve, which sped up the advancement of the organization and molded its picture. 


At present, the brand has two leading stores in the principal spaces of Istanbul. Through its incredible advanced business, global clients can likewise shop online at Mon Rêve. Women of any age from around the world make up the organization’s dedicated client base. With the force of these customers, Mon Reve has been able to turn into a worldwide brand with a presence in New York, London, Dubai, and more. 


A Founder with A Dream: Betina Demisulam

Betina, a natural Aquarius, was born in 1980. After graduating from Koç high school, she completed her education at the London College of Fashion. She designs limited edition jewelry using semi-precious stones under the Mon Reve Bijoux brand, which she founded in February 2004. She says she is one of the lucky few who has been able to transfer her feelings, dreams, and creativity to her business life.


“Turning the energy inside me into a concrete object with my hands was a feeling I experienced in my dreams. I felt my dreams come true when I designed my first jewelry” Having started production in a small basement in Tarabya in early 2004, Mon Reve soon began working with big names such as Bessini, Beymen, and Park Bravo, designing wholesale collections for them.


At the end of the same year, Mon Reve moved to its first showroom in Nişantaşı, and in this new venue, she designed special jewelry collections for the fashion shows of Dilek Hanif and Network brands, while also having the chance to meet retail customers. As the interest of magazines and newspapers in the Mon Reve Bijoux brand and Betina’s designs increased, the brand’s awareness and use began to increase.


The first Mon Reve Bijoux store was opened in Nisantasi in April 2005. In 2011, this store moved to Istinye Park Shopping Center. With her designs, Betina aims to support women’s courage, feminist freedom of expression and their quest for authenticity.


“I put my heart into everything I do” she says. Betina left the family business with a bold decision 17 years ago to find her dream, Mon Reve… From its foundation, Mon Reve has become a name that changed Turkish women’s perspective on jewelry. There is a reason why Mon Reve, which attracts attention with its unique designs created with natural stones and increases its customer base every day, has added new ones to its success for so many years. The secret is that Betina keeps her love for design alive as if it was the first day… 


In an interview, she explores her feelings with regards to her fashion journey as follows: “I never forget my first times. The time was very exciting. I studied fashion management, and then I had experience at Vakko, but then I moved on to the family business. Our family business was in advertising, and I didn’t like it. One day I took on the task of preparing Christmas packages to be sent, and I enjoyed it so much that I told my father, “I’m going to do something creative, working here makes me dry.” My father gave me three months and there was no financial support. And if I couldn’t do anything in these three months, I was going back to the family business.”


Betina goes on to explain that her father is very disciplined in business, but has opened up a lot of avenues for the family. Betina went abroad and studied fashion, which was not very common in her era. “I studied at the London Institute for three years, and my parents were very supportive. My father’s problem was that we were always working and productive…” 


The next step was her initial footprints into creating designs… “First, I started to sew bags at home, and I decorated my bags with stones; this is how I met the wonderful world of stones. I got up every day and went to Eminonu because I don’t know the material, and I don’t know where to sell it. I don’t know how to make a necklace. I also design all day; each design comes with a different energy. Frankly, when I first started, I didn’t have a lot of awareness of their energy, and it started to grow over time.


Here is what Betina has to say about her creative process in designs: “Design is not a profession with multidisciplinary hours: go to the workshop every day, sit down and create something on the table? You can’t: it’s a one-on-one connection to your mood… When I enter the workshop, the whole world closes for me, and all day there are stones, chains, my tools and me on my desk. Design is a very controversial topic, but everyone is inspired from somewhere. It is a great pleasure to create something out of nothing with your own interpretation, and greater satisfaction and motivation to see it being adored.”

An Inspiration that Comes From Women


Women are the centerpiece of the brand. Here is what Betina has to say about her inspiration: 

“Women are a huge inspiration to me. I am a person who believes in standing strong and being brave as a woman. I’ve taken some very brave steps in my life. When I first started, everyone thought I was brave, but then I had nothing to lose. It was the only way for me to take that step, but it was scary to open a second store and keep growing. It is important to have continuous courage.”


Mon Reve has become a brand that has changed the jewelry habits of many women in Istanbul. For example, Turkish women were not used to the color of “dore”.When Mon Reve opened their first Nişantaşı store in 2005, they offered full dore colors in their collection. All of them were made abroad, and they were antique; they never had a 24-carat cart yellow color. 

When it comes to this issue Betina has an interesting anecdote: “Even with that ancient coating, people have always been confused. There were a lot of customers who said,” If I buy yellow, I will buy gold from a jewelry store.” But then they all got used to it. It’s really a big challenge to get people used to something new…I experienced this process one-on-one, but of course, we did not do it alone. There was also a trend brought by fashion. Many world brands began to attach importance to jewelry. So we just found a brand for people where they could find what they were looking for, where they could dare to innovate. Going out in the media, using celebrities, selling for 10 years in a brand like Beymen has brought a huge plus.”


In her interview, Betina explores the process of creating a new collection. “The process of preparing the collection is changing a lot. Sometimes the whole collection comes out in a week, sometimes in a month. Here’s what you call inspiration- – different energy fills me, and I need to transfer it to something. This is what I usually feel; for example, this week I sat at my desk, the materials looked at me, and I looked at them. So I got up… Sometimes my creativity takes flight and is daring. I do what comes from within and those pieces are always the biggest hits. Because women take great pleasure in making something different and unique to themselves. We designed a necklace for Burcu Esmersoy this winter, and I designed that necklace in this way. I got an interest and I didn’t anticipate. People used to be afraid of being different with jewelry… Now we have customers who buy evening dresses for relatively cheap prices and differentiate the outfit with the jewelry they bought from us.”

Going Forward: Working with Famous Names is the Norm


The brand has worked with endless famous names in Turkey including Burcu Esmersoy, Fahriye Evcen, Ayşe Kucuroğlu, Burçin Terzioğlu, and more… But, the main priority for the brand going forward is to keep the energy of a boutique. Betina likes to be in the store to be able to put her heart into everything she does. “If I don’t stand in the store, I can’t recognize the products, can’t get to know that client, see their will and use that as a source of inspiration.” While continuing with this aspiration, the brand was excited to take their unique items abroad to America and to be able to meet customers through online sales and social media. 

You Exist As Long as You Produce


“When the Triangle of desire, faith, and action is complete, there is nothing that a person cannot achieve,’ Betina said in Reina, speaking to her guests and the press. Betina, who believes that the semi-precious stones she uses in her designs are talismans, said at the end of her speech that ‘people think that they grow old by living, whereas those who do not live to grow old.’ According to her, people exist as long as they produce.


Betina has always been ambitious and determined. Her experiences, ranging from her initial interest in fashion and art as a kid to her experience in fashion management in London College of Fashion, have all created who she is today. After college, she says she made amateur jewelry for two years and gave it to her friends. Her journey took off when she started designing necklaces and showed the collection to Tuvana Büyükçınar, the designer of the first A46. After starting to sell in the store, Betina started making private jewelry collections for Beymen stores, and the rest is history. 

The Dream is in the Name


In an interview, Betina explores her reasoning of the name “Mon Reve” in detail. “It’s always been my dream to transfer the energy inside me to something concrete. February 2004 was the first time I met the stones. The pleasure I got from sitting at the table and making every design, made me feel like I was living my dreams. I became so passionately attached to the stones that I grew my dreams thanks to them. That’s why, when I first started working, I thought that the best name for my brand should be “mon reve”, which means “my dream”. Yael Alalu, the corporate creator of my brand and also my friend, made a huge contribution to finding this name.”


“I was sitting with her one day, brainstorming on the name of my brand. She asked me about my feelings when designing jewelry; I explored that it was as if I felt the satisfaction and motivation that I had in my dreams as if my dreams were coming true. 


“In time, my interest in stones has grown. My relationship with them has reached different dimensions. I’m also beginning to understand the mysterious language of the stones. I was learning about the color of the stone, the energy it emitted, the secret messages it whispered to people. They’re my confidants now. The stones were talismanic objects that the universe offered to humans. I wanted to pass this amulet on to others. I want to reflect the excitement that I experienced while carrying out this mission voluntarily to our women in my new collection, which I call ‘Tête à Tête’.”


The hidden power of the stones dates back to the earliest periods of history. According to Sanskrit inscriptions, in 400 BC, Kings used precious stones to protect themselves. In ancient Rome and Egypt, they wore talismanic lanyards, while the Mayans and Indians used stones to identify and treat diseases. Even in Anatolian Civilizations, it is also a fact that dancers put dark red stones on their bellies to attract the sexual interest of the audience.


That is why Betina chose the stones in her new designs very carefully. “For women who follow fashion colors, I believe that I combine different objects with stones in the color of the season and produce ambitious pieces. I used Agate, onyx, bronzite, smoky quartz and cloudy quartz stones for my’ Tête à Tête ‘ collection.”

Dreams and Creativity


Betina is right. Dreams do invoke a new level of creativity and a unique level of the intelligent transaction. Since scriptural occasions, rationalists and spiritualists have looked for significance and prediction in the fantasies of rulers – so it’s nothing unexpected that fantasies hold control over our feelings and our future choices. Yet, similar to an old tale’s story, there additionally seems, by all accounts, to be a premise indeed for interfacing our dream to what we decide to mean for our general surroundings. 


At the point when we dream (or when we enter the period of rest known as REM sleep), we manufacture immense quantities of new associations between our new and non-ongoing encounters. The demonstration of associating these theoretical and disconnected encounters shapes the premise of our human ability to be inventive. Thus, creativity lies in our dreams. 


These occasions have been investigated in far more noteworthy profundity as of late by researchers who have been observing resting individuals’ cerebrums utilizing EEG and MRI scanners. 


The moment you sleep, you are just sleeping on the outside. On the inside, your mind is busy with the past. The initial stage of rest (NREM rest), save new memories, sort out useless memories, and complete brain cleansing. In the later period, the REM rest period, the mind begins to influence arbitrary encounters at all stages of life by associating thoughts that may never have been associated. Whenever you wake up unexpectedly, you can remember these unique short associative memories as dreams. 


Obviously, this course has a more important reason for the change. Through this cycle of influence, the human brain can create completely innovative thoughts, speculate, and construct understandings of general thoughts in ways that the awakened brain will never. By linking all unique and beneficial encounters to an interaction that simply cannot happen when you are alert, you will discover how to become more imaginative. 


However, the main link between rest and imagination is happening. When you cycle between NREM and REM rest, it usually goes on steadily in the middle of the night. In order to explain the development, your body will usually focus on a longer period of NREM rest before night. The more prominent focus is the rapid eye movement rest later in the rest period, which peaked in the sixth to eighth hours of his peaceful rest. 


Stopping this final stage of rest (because it has become so normal in today’s culture) will directly and physically affect your ability to solve problems in innovative and beneficial ways. Stay unconscious and your brain will continue to effectively eliminate the difficulties of your day, using a series of strategies that your waking brain cannot obtain. An exam at the University of California, Berkeley even showed that the brain’s resting REM critical thinking limit is 1535% higher than its ability to deal with similar alertness problems.


So, the bottom line is, there is a solid link between dreams and creativity; whether spiritual dreams that Betina ventured in for her life aspirations or actual dreams that fulfill our inner desires. We build on our dreams as we dive into our creative realities.  


A Whole New Journey 

When asked how the journey to Mon Reve has changed her, Betina explores her growth along with the brand. “I’ve definitely grown, and I keep growing. Mon Reve gives me my dreams. But not only did it add a whole new meaning to my life; as a Turkish woman, I am proud and responsible for achieving economic independence. It makes me, no doubt, look at life more realistically. Thanks to Mon Reve, I also improved my leadership qualities. As long as I keep my own energy high, the performance I get from my team increases accordingly. I’ve learned not to take anything personally. I’m trying to look at life objectively. Everyone has different expectations from life, they should respect that, and not try to change anyone. The only person we can change is ourselves. When we live, the question we have to ask ourselves every day is ‘Am I happy? Does my work make me happy ?’ That is because it must! Because I think our goal in life is just to be loving and happy.”


Going forward Betina’s goal is to reach more people with different models and price alternatives. Her big goal, in the long run, is to design old Russian-style jewelry by working with diamonds.


The Deep Blue Collection


Betina Demisulam, who prefers to use semi-precious natural stones, gold and silver plated chains in her collection, describes the Deep Blue collection as a collection that wants to instill love, peace, and love in people.


The Summer collection consists of 3 main collections: Deep Blue, Namaste, and Beach collections. Dominated by natural stones , silver-plated chains and Applestone, the Deep Blue collection is a collection that seeks to instill love, peace and love in people. The Namaste collection, consisting of Budha, rose quartz and dore chains, is a collection that welcomes spring and gives people serenity and peace. A cheerful fun Beach collection of Koton tassels, chain tassels, colorful agates, and corals… 


When asked about her inspiration behind her collection, Betina explores what is truly meaningful to her: “My inspiration is my life, my joy, my children, the life and fashion I live every day. I don’t believe there can be a single source of inspiration. I project myself into my designs – sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad, sometimes feminine, sometimes childish, etc. all my feelings are my biggest inspiration. Jewelry is an accessory that will customize every outfit. Don’t give up big earrings for the summer. Necklaces on your beach clothes on beaches and anklets on your feet. Don’t forget to wear hair accessories when you want to feel special.”


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