Meet the Parisian Upscale Fashion Brand: Dice Kayek

High End & Luxurious Never Looked So Good

Straight out of Paris Fashion Week runways, say hello to the Parisien luxurious fashion brand Dice Kayek. Representative of both Turkish and French roots, the brand has an extremely elevated style through the leadership of its founders. Worn by countless celebrities on and off the runway, receiving honorable mentions from global brands and renowned publishers in the world of fashion, this is Dice Kayek


Introducing the Dice Kayek World


The fashion language of Dice Kayek, emerging from the fresh and bright folds of white poplin shirts in sculpted contours of creative expansion, is the special consequence of exchange between East and West, between the conventional and the unheard of… With haute couture craftsmanship and perfect textures at the core of the brand’s spirit, they have turned the contemporary wardrobe into an extraordinary joint. 


For the past twenty years, the Dice Kayek scholarship has been coordinated by sisters Ege from Istanbul and Paris, Ayşe and Ece. They develop their work even further, merging creative tasks and joint exhibitions, films, and endeavors. Tirelessly in the vision of her current taste, Dice Kayek embodies a crossroads of encounters, guided by the ease of dressing. 


The Dice Kayek Atelier


Dice Kayek’s idea of ​​a mature and discreet fit is fundamental: made-to-measure products are rejuvenated with an exact structure and the utmost care in everything that accompanies them. Says Kayek Couture Atelier, Paris. By arrangement, so to speak. 


While each piece is developed using conventional adaptation strategies, Dice Kayek’s mindset for contemporary sense and structure transforms each piece into a wonderful and interesting creation. Each piece of haute couture made in the studio is completely handcrafted: hand-stitched and hand-woven. 


A New Domain of High Fashion 


Dice Kayek began their excursion as true personalities of the Fédération Française de la Couture with their Winter Garden Couture Collection Show in Paris for FW14. This was followed by the Dollhouse Couture collection for SS15, the Nocturne 54 Couture collection for FW1516, and finally the Woven Tales Couture collection for SS16. 


With studies in Paris and Istanbul, the discourse between the two urban areas combines a remarkable point of view. Limited versions and select parts are still being manufactured and considered for exceptional customers and are a critical part of longstanding support in the new Paris market-leading business. This can be seen in the luxurious textures, ornaments, and fabrics that we find in each range. 


 Ready to Wear Now


Dice Kayek is also characterized by its modern and precise design. Behind every ready-to-wear range is most of the point-by-point work that showcases haute couture as a constant source of motivation. Marked styles and processes include handcrafted weaving, the craft of folding to create volume through development, current settings, and an exceptional way of handling creations made from various materials. Dice Kayek is the unadulterated manifestation of what is timeless and elegant in the design industry. 


The Dice Kayek Boutique


In September 2019, Dice Kayek shipped its first lead shop in Saint Germaindes Prés, Paris. The new space offers a full range of Dice Kayek ready-to-wear apparel, restrictive couture pieces, shoes, and desirable extras. Designed by Belgian model maker Bernard Dubois, the store is characterized by a green and pink marble aura, metal hardware, and plush floor coverings. The convergence point of the retail experience is a VIP vanity for customers seeking additional help and time-finding ranges with our style consultants. 

Customized For Customers


The store offers tailored support for all customer needs. You can personalize any purchase by mentioning three free personalization services in the store or listing your quotes by email. 


Walk into the Boutique and Reserve


Dice Kayek’s Reserve in boutique management allows you to check the accessibility of the things that interest you on the Internet and consider them an opportunity to try them in our Parisian store.


Dice Kayek Fall 2021 Collection


According to a press release covering the brand story, Ece Ege was exactly as expected, offering an adapted closet with a devilish interpretation of good-young lady dressing. Dice Kayek presented a “whodunnit” in the style of Agatha Christie, shot in Istanbul’s notable Belle Epoque Pera Palace Hotel by Marie Schuller, with whom the mark works together consistently. The time frame set and unexpected, sensational organizing gave a fitting setting to Ece Ege’s closed-up yet fun-loving plans. 


The look was demure, yet devilish party dresses and isolates in hardened reinforced textures, Mikado silk or fleece, had high neck areas and misrepresented subtleties like huge collars or goliath bows. While high contrast was predominant, the assortment flew with hints of distinctive shading to a great extent. 


“All we need for the following fall is to be dressed well, simple and stylish. It’s still exceptionally moderate, not ballgowns, yet dressing great,” said Ece Ege, employing Zoom. 


Their champion pieces were said to be a dark shift dress with a major white shirt neckline and hand-weaved silk and gem blossoms; a red creased miniskirt with a monster bow; an unequivocally cut, fresh white shirt with sharp creasing and prolonged sleeve subtleties; a naval force custom-made coat with befuddled buttons. 


The main focal point of the brand is how they are true to shape. Ece Ege offered an adapted closet with an unmistakable interpretation of good-young lady dressing and unobtrusively hardened outlines loaned by her exact hand with texture and method.


The Story: In the words of the Founders


Dice Kayek’s universe is arranged between tradition & advancement, Paris and Istanbul, extravagance, and restraint… Adjusted among custom and advancement, congruity, furthermore, logical inconsistency, the Dice Kayek brand has over the most recent twenty years become inseparable from the best innovativeness, couture, and craftsmanship. The Dice Kayek theory rises above design, commending the engineering and taste of each piece through its structure, design, detail, and outline. 


Dice Kayek is woven from a rich embroidered artwork of impacts, from Turkish legacy to current Paris. Artists Ece Ege and Ayse Ege have made a universe in which they look to workmanship, engineering, film; also, their recollections to make assortments that are beautiful in soul, yet made to the most demanding principles of couture. 


Throughout the long term, Dice Kayek has fostered a collection of mark styles. Utilizing rich, exceptional, and differentiating materials, the specialty of collapsing, making volume through development, and getting done with a horde of hand-made weavings has permitted the brand to turn into the exemplification of immortal and ever-enduring couture for the cutting edge age. 

Meet the Savoire Faire Philosophy


Dice Kayek is a brand that drew from a solid couture legacy, which remains at the core of the pret-a-doorman assortments. With ateliers in both Paris and Istanbul, the discourse between the two urban areas unites a novel viewpoint. Restricted release and select pieces are as yet made and considered for an uncommon demographic, furthermore, are a fundamental piece of a drawn-out help inside the new Paris Flagship. This is apparent in the rich textures choices, frivolity, and weavings we find in the assortment. 


Immortal Design 


Dice Kayek utilizes a combination of styles and textures to make a refined assortment. Different understandings of volume, sudden creases, the heap of hand-made weavings, rich and remarkable textures are a portion of the attributes of Dice Kayek. Drawing on the couture savoir-faire, Dice Kayek is found in the most discerning also, raised of stores throughout the planet. This sits at the top-notch range…


What Does Haute Couture Mean? 

High fashion signifies ‘high sewing’ or ‘high style’. It’s a stage above prêt-à-doorman, the originator assortments that most fashionistas will be comfortable with. In the realm of high fashion, laborers can go through as long as 700 hours making a solitary article of clothing, which is intended for selective customers of around 2,000 purchasers. In case something is marked high fashion, it implies that it is an exceptional article of clothing that has been uniquely made for a particular customer.


Haute couture may be inextricably linked to French culture, but it was an Englishman who started it. When Charles Frederick Worth moved to Paris from Bourne, England in 1856, he set up a tailor’s office at the Gagelin Texture Shop, making custom pieces for clients rather than selling them the materials to make their clothing. Over time, Worth opened his store, Worth et Bobergh, in Rue de la Paix and immediately gained a dedicated and venerable customer base. 


Worth’s plans gained stratospheric fame after Princess Eugenié, who recently met Napoleon III. Worth would go on to give away Eugenie’s entire wardrobe, from dazzling ball gowns to ordinary clothing, and sparked interest in her garments from illustrious design-minded viewers. This made his former client, Princess Pauline de Metterlich, cry: “It was done, and I got lost … because from that second there were no more dresses for 300 francs each.” 


In addition to the fact that Worth demonstrated special skills in making his garments, he was also the main creator, gathering the annual appearances of his demonstrations on live models, which is now required for planners working at the Fédération. I would like to include Haute Couture and de la Mode.


How is haute couture staged? 


The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, and in particular the Chambre Syndicale de la High Fashion, is responsible for the administration of the haute couture industry in Paris. He deals with setup houses like Chanel, Givenchy, and Valentino, as well as creators who only work in haute couture, like Schiaparelli and Jean Paul Gaultier. In total there are only 14 authors who bear the name of haute couture. 


It can be quite unwieldy and is a mistake for buyers, as in the case of the casual wear brand Juicy Couture. Running tights are a far cry from any Chanel and Givenchy look, so how could they call themselves “couture” with all their imagination? However, the term “haute couture” is protected by French law, but the word “haute couture” is not, despite the fact that it refers to a selective market for high design. 


 “The word ‘haute couture’ has become part of mainstream society. Virtually every organization in the world uses it … ‘Haute couture is a monstrous word in the name game.” 


While it is not an unexpected confusion that for something to be haute couture it has to be essentially handmade, the business does have a very specific set of rules. Creatives must have their own atelier with no fewer than 15 employees (plus 20 dedicated employees, including nearly 2,200 les petit mains who provide the meticulous details of haute couture pieces) willing to offer private guest appearances and more than a suitable. At Couture Fashion Week in Paris, which takes place twice a year in January and July, the brand also has to show no less than 25 ganders.


Meet the Advanced Contemporary in the Dice Kayek Pink Label


Dice Kayek is supplemented with Dice Kayek, Pink Label: a metropolitan, new and ladylike assortment. Its nuanced engrave offers appealing yet unassuming subtleties; delicate volume, sensitive weavings – wedded with vivid prints and open textures and cost points. Pink Label partakes in a bigger conveyance where the very best of contemporary designs are introduced.

Introducing the Dice Kayek Timeline


Let’s do a deep dive into the brand history, meet the founders, and how their work has contributed to them becoming a leading figure in haute couture. 


  • 1992: Foundation of the Dice Kayek brand – Pink Label, Black Label, and Gold Label (Paris) 
  • 1994: Dice Kayek is noticed by ‘Fédération Française de la Couture’ 
  • 1996: Dispatched Dice Kayek Pink Label in Japan with the help of design bunch Mitsui and Co 
  • 2000: Ece Ege is welcomed by the Korean government to introduce her Dice Kayek Black Label FW/2002-2003 
  • 2003: As a component of the headliners of the Turkish Season in Japan, Ece Ege is welcome to introduce her Dice Kayek Black Label assortment (Tokyo) 
  • 2003: Ece Ege is granted the Le Trophee de la Femme En Or as the best planner. Other chosen people included originators Stella McCartney, Vanessa Bruno, and Nathalie Rykiel (Paris). 
  • 2006: Dice Kayek plans for MONOPRIX a select case assortment for the SS/2007 season (Paris) 
  • 2006: Ece Ege gives consultancy to ITOCHU CORPORATION’s material division (Tokyo) 
  • 2007: Ece Ege plans the presentation to represent Global Automobile Trade Show (Istanbul) 
  • 2006: Ece Ege gives consultancy to JINDO F&CO LTD’s design division (Seoul) 
  • 2006: Ece Ege gives consultancy to organization SU INTERNATIONAL material division (Seoul) 
  • 2010: Istanbul Contrast presentation happens at Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs, as a component of the super shutting occasions of the Turkish Season in France (Paris)
  • 2010: The Association France-Euro-Mediterranean grants Ece Ege the Le Trophee de la Reussite au Feminin for her undertakings in empowering connection between French, European, and Turkish societies.
  • 2010: Istanbul Contrast show happens at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts, as part of the headliners of the Istanbul Capital of Culture Events (Istanbul) 
  • 2011: Ece Ege gives consultancy to the brand BLUE ERDOS (Beijing) 
  • 2011: Dice Kayek Pop-Up Store opens at Galeries Lafayette (Paris)
  • 2012: Istanbul Contrast presentation happens at the Amsterdam Museum, as a component of the headliners commending the 400th year of discretionary and social relations (Amsterdam) 
  • 2012: Dice Kayek’s plan is chosen for the cover page of the UNICEF Frimousse Project’s press unit. 
  • 2012: Dice Kayek Pop-Up Store opens at Fenwick (London) 
  • 2012: With its marble establishment called ‘Cloud’ Dice Kayek partakes in the “Washing in Light” presentation as a piece of Milan Design Week
  • 2013: Dice Kayek wins the Jameel Prize 3 for their Istanbul Contrast display. Given semi-annually by the Victoria and Albert Museum, Dice Kayek wins more than 270 passages from everywhere in the world.
  • 2014: Jameel Prize 3 show opened at the Hermitage-Kazan Museum, in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, between May 21 and August 17. Dice Kayek’s style film White was shot and was shown at the Istanbul Design Biennale October 2014 July 2014 – Fall/Winter 2014 Winter Garden Couture Collection show in Paris. 
  • 2015: January 2015 – Spring/Summer 2015 Dollhouse Couture Assortment show in Paris. July 2015 – Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Nocturne 54 Couture Collection show in Paris. Dice Kayek “A Journey into Couture” Exhibition and Pop-Up Store at Joyce Gallery in Paris. Between June 9 – 27 
  • 2015: Acknowledged into the La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode 
  • 2016: January 2016 – Spring/Summer 2016 Woven Tales Couture Collection presentation in Paris. Dice Kayek’s design film Jokes was, shot and showed at Istanbul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016. Dice Kayek Pop Up Store was opened at 15′ Rue Saint Benoit 75006 in Paris, September 2016. 
  • 2017: Dice Kayek Shop in Shop opens at Galeries Lafayette 
  • 2018: Ece Ege gives consultancy to the brand RENEEVON (SEOUL) 
  • 2019: Dice Kayek Pop-Up Store opens at RITZ (Paris)
  • 2019: Dice Kayek Flagship opens at mourning Saint Benoit (Paris) 


A Year of Accomplishment Marked in 2009


Istanbul Contrast presentation in 2009 manifests Istanbul’s sublime difference which has been Dice Kayek’s primary wellspring of motivation brings out; furthermore, selective couture assortment, devoted to the city, is named “Istanbul Contrast” for this very purpose. For this extraordinary assortment, Ece Ege has been enlivened by the differentiated, yet amicable, meaningful, and memorable engineering and present-day way of life of Istanbul. 


This venture then, at that point, made a trip to Paris, Musee des Expressions Decoratifs, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Moscow, Moscow State Exhibition, Kazan, Withdrawal Museum, and London, Victoria and Albert Museum where it was granted the Jameel Prize 3.


The Dice Kayek Book


Made to go with the Istanbul Contrast display, the book reflects and reproduces the city’s convoluted magnificence and profound authentic and social legacy. The Istanbul Contrast assortment captures in shadings, plans, and surfaces, the city’s spirit, womanliness, intricacy, and perpetual innovativeness.

Dice Kayek on Business of Fashion: Welcoming the Paris-based luxury brand


Dice Kayek was published by sisters Ece and Ayse Ege and has become known in recent years for its carefully curated universe: one where custom takes hold with advancement; Film, processing, and individual memories illuminate the shot; and composition lines join solid and primary contours. 


A progressive interpretation of haute couture, fantasy, detail, and craftsmanship underpin the traditional Turkish brand, which is based in Paris and proved important to the French Federation of Couture in 1994. Thereafter, the brand has gained recognition throughout the industry, becoming the recipient of various honors and grants, and the subject of several social and design fairs. 


Dice Kayek won the 2013 Jameel 3 Award, a global award for contemporary art and configuration driven by Islamic practices, for his presentation of Istanbul Contrast sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The result of such applause was the shipment of full-fledged haute couture assortments; Woven Tales, Nocturne 54, Dollhouse, and Winter Garden among those that will follow from there. 

Described for its elegant soul with the perfect level of unconventional rendering, Dice Kayek can be similarly characterized by his modern and sophisticated execution; Behind each range, you can find the most precise work that represents haute couture as a constant source of motivation. Mark’s styles and strategies involve high-quality fabrics, the art of collapsing to create volume through development, which is generally reflected in his cutting-edge fit, and an exceptional way of handling creations to differentiate materials. 


Dice Kayek is supplied in 45 countries around the world and negotiated for 110 agreement approaches.


Discover Dice Kayek on Social Media


Dice Kayek is proud to receive a lot of social attention across different social media platforms. The web-based media system reaches out from East to West with the plan to catch the Asian business sectors. The technique is upheld in-house and remotely with press specialists. Dice Kayek also partakes in a dependable fan base led by a few of the most trendy and compelling influencers around. From design week to the roads, continually hindering the post-heartfelt hashtags. These influencers include: 

  1. Dagmara Jarzynka
  2. Yoshino
  3. Elva Ni
  4. Alice Abdelaziz
  5. Cosmopolitan HK Editorial
  6. Laurinda Ho
  7. Pornwika Spieker


For more information on Dice Kayek, refer to the videos they launched on their Youtube channel outlining seasonal looks, behind the scenes, collections, and more. You can also take a moment to refer to their listing on Business of Fashion, as well as peruse through their Instagram