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About Accouchée

They say, having a baby changes everything…

It sure does.

After working in the corporate world for 15 years, I gave birth to my beloved son, Arhan. I loved being a new mom, but I felt like it was not me anymore!

I was constantly finding myself in unattractive maternity wear that made me feel nothing like the old me. I was mainly at home in ugly clothes. Each time I was out, I was missing the best part of the conversation as I leave the table to nurse elsewhere. I was constantly fighting with the nursing cover. It was not easy to pump at work. I was missing the social/business life I used to have.

I wanted options to wear that were easy and practical, yet stylish and luxe. I wanted to wear clothes not because I have to, but I would love to. After struggling with maternity wear options for six months, I decided that I could provide women with better quality maternity wear that could be worn during pregnancy, nursing, and for many years after giving birth.

While nursing my son, I spent time sourcing and developing what would become Accouchée. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are made in Turkey, where I reside today. My hope is that my designs inspire women to feel confident and to help them get back to feeling like their former selves!

Ilgin Ozdemir Yazgan

Founder of Accouchée

Ilgin in Amaterasu Dress