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The Story of Anim

Anim is a transcontinental lifestyle brand specializing in home textiles founded in 2019 by Mina Dilber Temo. After spending half a decade in Los Angeles where she attended the University of Southern California, Mina returned to Istanbul and launched Anim to combine her family’s extensive textile heritage with the West Coast culture she had come to love.

Anim is rooted in quality and cultural responsibility. All goods are produced ethically and sustainably using methods of traditional craftsmanship. As the Latin root of Anim suggests, each unique piece is fabricated both to celebrate and inspire a life well-lived, as well as a cultural take on a relaxed yet refined lifestyle.

The essence of Anim’s approach is deeply rooted in the nomadic spirit of traditional Turkish culture. While also staying true to its domestic origins, Anim infuses its wares with design elements borrowed from a wide array of cultural influences both near and far. Anim maintains a modern global perspective which nonetheless honors the methods of its roots.