Dice Kayek

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Dice Kayek’s universe is situated between tradition& modernity, Paris and Istanbul, luxury and sobriety…

Balanced between tradition and modernity, harmony and contradiction, the Dice Kayek brand has over the last two decades become synonymous with the nest creativity, couture and craftsmanship.

The Dice Kayek philosophy transcends fashion, celebrating the architecture and aesthetic of each piece through its form, structure, detail and silhouette. Dice Kayek is woven from a rich tapestry of in uences, from Turkish heritage to modern Paris. Founders Ece Ege & Ayse Ege have created a universe in which they look to art, architecture, film and their own memories to create collections that are poetic in spirit, yet made to the most exacting standards of couture.

Over the years Dice Kayek has developed a repertoire of signature styles. Using rich, unique and contrasting materials, the art of folding, creating volume through construction and nishing with a myriad of hand-made embroideries has allowed the brand to become the embodiment of timeless and ageless couture for the modern age.

Dice Kayek is a brand that drew from a strong couture heritage, which remains at the heart of the pret-a-porter collections. With ateliers in both Paris and Istanbul, the dialogue between the two cities brings together an unique perspective. Limited edition and exclusive pieces are still created and conceived for a special clientele, and are an essential part of an extended service within the new Paris Flagship. This is evident in the sumptuous fabrics selections, embellishment and embroideries we see in the collection.

Founders Ece Ege & Ayse Ege

Celine Dion, Amal Clooney, Anne Hathaway in Dice Kayek