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Sile Column Dress

A short visit back in time representing collective history: “I remember the fabrics swinging like balloons in the rough sea wind after being washed in the Black Sea,” Cigdem recalls of her upbringing in Sile, a fishermen’s village north of Istanbul. Her most beautiful childhood memories are from this town, where each house had its own handloom and women weaved their own fabrics, a beautiful tradition representing women’s early attempts at self-efficacy and entrepreneurship. “But, over time, the women stopped weaving, and the looms slowly started to disappear. I do not want these fabrics and the traditions behind them to be lost. That is why it has been my dream to bring Sile fabric back to the modern world.”

“Every corner of Turkey has beautiful textiles that have been loomed for centuries. My dream is to support the incredible women making them and introduce their work to a global market,” says Nilufer, who aspires to bring this local artistry to a global audience. Nilufer and Cigdem’s initiative will bring life to an age-old tradition and help empower women in doing what they love.

loom.ist is a collection of ethically conscious resort wear and home textiles created by hand. We approach production processes with the utmost care to ensure we are following sustainable best practices. Our products are designed specifically for your comfort and can be worn all year long in all types of settings: the beach, at home, in town… All pieces are crafted from natural fibers that are hand-loomed in different regions of Turkey and transformed into fresh, timeless looks that reflect a casual yet vibrant lifestyle.

We have been committed to working with local artisans, women-led businesses, family enterprises, and community cooperatives that produce unique and high-quality products with great care. loom.ist provides sustainable incomes for local artisans and conducts business following the principles of fair and direct trade.

All loom.ist pieces are delicately crafted from unique, natural fabrics that are hand-loomed in small cooperatives in different regions of Turkey, reflecting traditions that have been passed down for generations.