Qui Prive

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QUI Prive is a brand that shows up with the idea of the modern, strong and self confident women who would like to have a chic, unique and remarkable style while keeping it a little modest.

QUI Prive fulfills the need of modern design intellection in this part of the fashion industry while terminating the typical classic style of the women who choose to get dressed more conservative.

QUI Prive’s brand DNA can be defined as ‘casual couture’ which the women of the brand may transform the chicness from day to night with some slight touches.

The bold and effective details in QUI Prive designs are the key points to make this brand unique.

QUI Prive women are extremely feminine and remarkably strong in social life. They would like to be noticeable and be the one to be mentioned with their styles.

Qui Prive is a modernist brand that is extremely successful on modest wear with its unique type of design intellection and has the vision.