Rowley Hesselballe London: The New Face of Wedding Fashion

The Future Meets the Traditional Through this Wedding Dress Brand

Meet Rowley Hesselballe London


Throughout history, weddings have occupied an extremely significant domain in people’s lives. The choice of what to wear on this special occasion both for the bride and the bridesmaid is commonly viewed as one of the most important decisions. However, many also view the process of finding the perfect dresses as a daunting and costly challenge. Rowley Hesselballe London emerged as a brand to completely transform the wedding fashion landscape, moving out of the traditional wedding space and producing price-efficient, high-quality dresses. 


The brand was founded with great aspirations, as well as a heartwarming vision, building up from an ethos enlivened by the class and strength of women. Their mission in this excursion is to reshape and alter the marriage and evening wear market. As Life in Style, we are proud to partner with women-founded brands that work to transform contemporary understandings of fashion, as well as empower women. 


They position their main value propositions with the following characteristics. 


The Defining Features of Rowley Hesselballe London


  • Unique


With a creative method for interpreting normal traits and heightening them with the trends of the 21st century, Rowley Hesselballe gives a sophisticated interpretation of buying what you wear in a wedding ceremony. With its unique approach to making the wedding shopping process more accessible for women across the globe, shoppers can land the perfect dress in an extremely quick time with the click of a button. This modern method functions to assist customers and alleviate the stress of finding the perfect dress. 


  • Solid


Fellow benefactors Rosie Poole and Canan Hesselballe met at the London College of Fashion in 2009 and represent a combined buying experience of more than 20 years in association with 

British manufacturers. 


  • Down to earth


With a versatile mixture of British and Turkish societies and legacy, the brand embodies a holistic emblem for all women and all patterns. From contemporary to exemplary, current to ageless, their mission is to represent their customers in the best and most realistic way possible. They provide the extravagance customers yearn for, at surprisingly affordable costs. 


The founders desire to take all the stress out of the bridal team’s hands and let them enjoy the pleasurable parts of wedding shopping. That is why their motto is “Get comfy, grab a glass of something bubbly and come on in, we’ll do the rest…” In the perfect union of futuristic design and traditional touch, Rowley Hesselballe London represents tomorrow’s wedding apparel. 


A Coalition with Eli Peacock


An expert in hand-crafted headpieces, Eli Peacock is an emblem with fun, outstanding, and show-stopping designs. Made with the aid of using Bulgarian designer, Sevil Savas Ozsezer, the brand has received a significant follower base and loyal customers, taking its place among the Istanbul fashion world. Her elaborate and fascinating design standard is extremely promising for a global outreach potential. 


Eli Peacock X Rowley Hesselballe is the much-needed coalition between two brands that are looking to add a scope in delightful and exceptional design in their brand. With their headbands, fascinators, and barrettes made to coordinate with the lovable scope of wedding ceremonies, bridesmaids apparel, and eveningwear patterns, this brand has become a significant partner for Rowley Hesselballe. 


Rowley Hesselballe wanted to elegantly downplay the scope of marriage and eveningwear in a dedication of silk and wealthy textures sourced and created withinside the middle of Istanbul. It is virtually crucial to the founders that they produce extraordinary workmanship and creative energy and have it manifest in their design. They want to deliver modern-day and affordable extravagance to your doorstep. 


Their partnership with Eli Peacock commenced via a timely get-together with lengthy conversations accompanied by espresso, delightful cakes, and more. The result was a quick drive into the headpiece showroom. As women with comparable targets and desires, the founders selected to partner with their manufacturers. That is how Eli Peacock X Rowley Hesselballe was conceived, imparting to you a collection of splendidly hand-crafted portions supposed to feature the closing and minuscule element on top of your wedding dress or evening gown. 


The story of Rowley Hesselballe has intimate ties to the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Their initial campaign was, therefore, thoroughly capitalizing on the exquisite scenery in the space where the founder Canan said “I do” 10 years before during her marriage. Representing the epitome of legacy that extends to the United Kingdom and Turkey, the brand relies on a unique partnership between the East and West. If you follow the photographs in their first campaign, the unfathomable photographs captured with the aid of the great Koray Parlak nearby a set of professional craftsmen became a top-notch experience to dispatch the brand into the universe. 


Making Rowley Hesselballe London has been an interesting and wild journey for the founders who take every chance to commend their supporters who have supported them in realizing their vision and working tirelessly towards their mission. 


Elegance and Affordability in the New Collections


Working to transform the currently disillusioned marriage and wedding clothing industry, as well as the evening fashion landscape, Rowley Hesselballe London brings its superior and affordable extravagance plans to the next level. Fruitful lady founder accomplices Canan Hesselballe and Rosie Poole, offer delicately crafted and unique assortments in their brand. 


Their new collection called the “Mediterranean Evenings” has an interesting backstory that truly represents the meaning that translates into the design. In an interview, the founders build up from their fashion experience that dates back to when they met 10 years ago in the London College of Fashion. Before that, they both moved into the world of styling and fashion having worked for top-of-the-line retailers such as Hugo Boss, Harrods and Valentino, and Selfridges. 


After they graduated they both proceeded to function as purchasers for well-known British fashion brands and afterward they joined similar brands. They went through 3 years cooperating and heading up the womenswear attire and extras divisions as purchasing directors. 


When asked what the name of their brand, Rowley Hesselballe London represents, they share that it relies on the family names of Rosie Rowley Poole and Canan Hesselballe. The interview then moves into the unmistakable highlights or symbols that address the brand image. The founders share that their brand image centers around bringing reasonable extravagance through present-day and contemporary design outlines. What was significant for them as they set out for this journey to build the brand was to offer designs that comprehensively extended to all women by offering their items online. Through this, all designs of Rowley Hesselballe London were accessible to women everywhere with the click of a button to be delivered to their doorstep in one day. 


Diving more into the exciting scope of “Mediterranean Nights”, the founders address the tones, plans, motivations behind the new collection. This assortment was motivated by their movement around the excellent coastlines of Turkey and the entrancing shades of the nightfalls and the sea. The proposed range of sea blue, pearl white, silver sand, and midnight dark all epitomize the mind-blowing shades of those Mediterranean evenings. The assortment includes 7 dazzling evening outfits in a blend of silks, chiffons, and crepes and a heartfelt silk organza shirt, and a decorated streaming tulle skirt. 


As the founders start crafting a new collection, they build up from inspiring motivations, have different domains of influence, and work to utilize different kinds of materials. While making new assortments, they typically draw motivation from their journeys and ventures and the various sorts of women they meet in different urban areas throughout the planet. Although their ability to take trips across the globe was severely limited during the Covid outbreak, they spent a significant amount of time during the year of the pandemic investigating the roads of their home city, London. This was an astonishing new revelation of style and patterns for the founders. A significant piece of the plan for styles is based on solid outlines that center around lavish textures in silks, chiffons, and more. 


The founders feel that they connect most thoroughly with their feminine nature when presented with an exceptional heel. They believe that nothing finishes an outfit better compared to the blaze of a marvelous shoe. 


When building upon their coordinated effort with Gizia Gate in Turkey, the founders share that there are almost 100 Turkish planner brands at Gizia Gate, including the pioneers of Turkish design. Their central goal is to help and advance Turkish design brands. The founders trusted it is great to be included as Rowley Hesselballe London on a stage that upholds designers in this manner. Accordingly, Turkey’s first private multi-brand creator was founded in this space, which implied to the founders that this would be a valid initial statement as they set their tone. 


Rowley Hesselballe: from Gizia Gate to London in Mediterranean Nights


Dispatched in February 2020, Rowley Hesselballe London has become the go-to wedding and women’s evening wear name, having presented its most current assortment “Mediterranean Nights” solely at Gizia Gate. With the craving to change ​the marriage and eveningwear market, Rowley Hesselballe London brought present-day and reasonable extravagance wedding and evening wear plans on the web. 


As mentioned, the Mediterranean Nights assortment, motivated by delightful dusks and nights by the Mediterranean Sea, has marvelous pieces made with silk chiffon, tulle, and silk organza. The spectacular collection comprises 7 interesting dresses, tulle skirts, and coordinating tops. Named after influential ladies, dresses come in exquisite yet current cuts, lavish textures, and carefully assembled novel subtleties. Case assortment praises its Mediterranean motivation with an astonishing shading range including sea blue, pearl white, silver sand, midnight dark. These heartfelt tones become alive in surging sleeves, plunging neck areas, and adornment subtleties. 


They are simply ideal for heartfelt evening settings or gatherings under the stars. When asked for their vision, founders Canan and Rosie mirrors their contemplations about the collection as “An assortment propelled by our recollections of the unending excellence of Mediterranean nightfalls, from the eruptions of shading and miracle we see as the sun is pulled towards the unavoidable dim and strange draw of the ocean.”. 


The founders share details on their summer collection, saying that they structures silhouettes using soft fabrics with a wrinkled effect, three-dimensional organza flowers, small frills, and lace details that are made to stand out. They’ve also replaced the knots in the current collection with dramatic bodices and bows. Their newly designed dresses and overalls with silk chiffon and floral-patterned fabrics with sparkle bring subtly are a new era for this type of clothing. 


In addition, they’ve also prepared a selection of short dresses for brides looking for a little more fun and wanting to wear something different for the after-party. They offer something different from traditional wedding dress designers with more modern, simple designs and silhouettes.

That is why their main trademark is that they can deliver a bride’s dream wedding dress in days instead of months. Positioning itself as a brand dedicated to witnessing the most special moments of your life, the company is actively working to create a difference in the market. 


The Collections: Take a Look at their Collection of Bridesmaid Dresses and Evening Wear


  1. SELIIN 


This beautiful bridesmaid dress design hits the appropriate notes joining a delicate hung bodice detail and a one-shoulder neck area. Put in your absolute best effort in SELIIN to feature its two front parts and stylish segment shape skirt, giving you a hot yet unpretentious edge. The SELIIN look is finished by a removable bowtie, giving you a minor departure from styling and detail, hung over your shoulders, or tied in your hair… You pick! 


  1. FERAH 


FERAH is characterized by its excellent wrap subtleties, uniting the perfect lines of the fold around the bodice and the chiffon over a layer of the skirt, this is a rich and present-day bridesmaid dress plan. The outline of our FERAH maxi dress with its a-line skirt, side split, and customizable midsection detail makes it ideal for each kind of bridesmaid. 


  1. JEYLIN 


JEYLIN pauses dramatically with a hung sleeve specifying and a profound V neck area. A Grecian-style blend of miniature creasing and a section outline gives this bridesmaid dress a triumphant look. Inconspicuous yet attractive, our two front parts on this maxi dress are the ideal method to venture out in style down the walkway. 


  1. JEMRE 


JEMRE is a dazzling bridesmaid dress made from a creasing procedure that gives a delicate and ethereal development to the dress. The midsection is outlined by a sensitive trim enumerating and supplemented by a delicate V neck area. 


  1. MIRA 


A delicate cowl neck area and a hung tie detail at the back are the negligible yet excellent plan subtleties on our dazzling MIRA silk evening dress. The fitted bodice and inconspicuous fluted skirt shape in 100% silk guarantee that this event dresses window hangings easily on anybody. The tie-back detail can be styled in an unexpected way, folded over the midriff, or hitched at the back to give the ideal final detail. 


More from their Unique Wedding Collections


  1. HERA 


This is an exquisite long sleeve wedding dress with sensitive trim enumerating. HERA is the ideal dress on the off chance that you are searching for clean lines and figure-embracing excellence. The HERA dress has a low V back and a basic yet jazzy section outline. A lovely and sensitive line of silk-covered catches on the back adds the final detail to this classy ribbon wedding dress. You can wear cement bra cups or the twofold layer of silk on the front bodice implies you can unquestionably wear nothing by any means. 




Grecian-style creased dress AURELIA is ideal for the easy lady of the hour. Mathematical ribbon outlines the lovely removed itemizing at the abdomen and gives the lady of the hour a really enrapturing look. The segment shape skirt with its complimenting miniature creasing, close by the profound slipover, makes an advanced and clean outline. The ideal seashore wedding look would not be finished without AURELIA. 


  1. BEYZA 


A stylish turn detail on this long sleeve jumpsuit makes BEYZA ideal for a downplayed and present-day look. With a customized leg shape and structure fitting outline. BEYZA the crepe jumpsuit can add that unique something to your big day or even your wedding develop as a breathtaking practice supper look. Be strong, be extraordinary, and add our marriage jumpsuit to finish your wedding look. 


  1. REINAA 


The REINNA wedding jumpsuit has a complimenting halterneck plan with a provocative however unpretentious split front bodice detail. The back is finished by a straightforward tie neck detail and the wide leg pant shape is the final detail to this cutting-edge plan. Regardless of whether you are getting hitched in a city lobby or field lodge, venture out in style on your big day with this stunning plan. 


  1. ALIAA 


A profound slipover detail is the center point for this dazzling wedding jumpsuit. The ALIAA configuration has a peplum and midriff tie detail giving any lady of the hour an assertion outline and a fantastic wide leg pant shape. ALIAA is a simple and current interpretation of bridal wear and ideal for every single diverse shape and size. 




MIRA with the delicate and refined wrap enumerating of its cowl neck area and wrap back plan carries an effortlessness and straightforwardness to your wedding look. With a fitted outline that shows off any Bride’s lovely figure. MIRA is the ideal cure to the lady of the hour who needs direct, however stylish approaches. 




The ALARA dress is the ideal style for that mid-year wedding. Perfectly created from 100% silk, the ALARA dress guarantees everyone’s eyes will be on you with its shocking low back enumerating and extravagant train finish. This easy style is commended by a flexible lash highlight and circle detail at the edge of the train to guarantee nothing hinders your hug day. Regardless of whether it is a seashore wedding or an estate in Tuscany, the ALARA dress is a match made in paradise. 




The meaning of extraordinary tastefulness of the ADEN trim wedding dress with its dazzling neck area and sensitive lashes is the ideal style for the lady of the hour who needs specifying with an advanced turn. The ADEN dress is done with a scallop trim edge around the neck area and sews, driving into a work of art and rich train. 




Once seen, always remembered. Their off-the-shoulder wedding dress ALEDA with the mix of its Bardot neck area and fold-around hung skirt configuration gives any lady of the hour a lovely and hot outline. The hung sleeve subtleties add an inconspicuous measure of arm inclusion while proceeding with the staggering neck area shape. ALEDA is the ideal dress for that exotic marriage. An exemplary yet current and provocative dress to praise that natural French house wedding.


Familiarize Yourself with the New Norm of Wedding Shopping

It is time to venture into the new face of wedding shopping that is extremely accessible, affordable, yet uniquely designed and represents a high quality. Rowley Hesselballe London is the much-needed replacement to archaic, daunting wedding shopping experiences. Through their approach, this unique time period in one’s life goes back to its pure and simplistic form where the bridal party gets to enjoy the process and get a satisfactory end result. 


The wedding day is an enchanting point in a person’s life. The memories associated with the day and what comes before in the planning should only be positive and nourishing. The brand has set out to ease the process for their customers and accompany them into this wonderful journey holding their hand along the way. Discover what your wedding could look like and how fun what comes before can be. Visit the site now and lose yourself in the range of versatile and timely designs for the modern bride and bridal party. 


Check out their website here or take a glimpse into their story in this page where they outline their story from their own eyes. For the most recent stories in this domain of fashion, check out their blog page